Sunday, April 7, 2013

Homily for the 2nd Sunday of Easter…Divine Mercy Sunday 2013 at Boy Scout Camp


One of the things you learn as you go through the ranks of scouting you will learn the Boy Scout Slogan “to do a good turn daily.” This Sunday I invite each of you to make that a goal for each day…each day I want us to ask God to help us do something that is good. Cleaning your rooms, helping to do the dishes, take out the trash are some things we can do each day to do a good turn.

Perhaps there are other opportunities you might be given throughout the day such as inviting someone who is standing along the side by themselves to play at recess at school or to help someone maybe by giving them a pencil or piece of paper, or even helping them to answer a question on their own when they don’t know the answer. The reason I am mentioning these things today is because today is the Second Sunday of Easter also known as Divine Mercy Sunday. When we make every effort to do a good thing each day we are given an opportunity to demonstrate God’s mercy. When we think of mercy it doesn’t just mean to forgive sins, which is a major part of it but not the whole picture. Demonstrating God’s mercy means making God’s healing presence felt and when we do kind deeds and say kind things we make God’s mercy felt.

The scouting program is a wonderful opportunity not to just simply learn new skills but to learn new skills that can help people and when we help others we help ourselves become better people. May we strive each day to do a good turn so that we can make God’s love and mercy felt!!!